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Tangy Fruit and Kratom Smoothie Recipe


Discover a kratom recipe that blends the powder with tangy fruits like green apples, green grapes and kiwis, while also adding a touch of sweetness with a fresh pear.  If you like to take your kratom in a chilled fruity drink to cut through some of the bitterness, this smoothie is a great idea for you. Kratom powder’s bitter taste tends to be damped down when stronger flavours are put around it, and the sourish tangy fruits used for this recipe can definitely help with that. Of course, there is nothing preventing you from adding a sweetener to this recipe, if sweet-and-sour is your preferred flavour combination. Even on its own, however, this works out quite well and can be a nice way of drinking down your kratom more easily, especially if you prepare this with crushed ice or ice broken down by the blender.

First, you should start with 1 kiwi fruit. Peel the kiwi until no more of the hairy brown rind is on it, and then cut it up into cubes or small pieces. Smaller pieces will be blended more quickly, so try not to make overly large sections of it.

Green-Grapes.jpgNext, get some green grapes—about 13-15 shall do nicely. These can be peeled or kept as they are, but for best results, you should stick them in the freezer before you start making this recipe. In fact, leaving the grapes in the freezer overnight results in some delicious little sorbet-like bombs of flavour that add a touch of tangy chill to the mixture. Just remember to wash them thoroughly before adding them to your fruit bowl, however.

green apples.jpgNow get a green apple and peel off the skin. Core it after that (or even before, if you like) and then cut it in half. Slice one half thinly and then cut each slice in the middle. Put the other half away: you can use that another day.


Now get a pear and do the same thing you did with the apple. Again, put the unused half away in the fridge for now. You can use it another time.

Finally, get some ice cubes (if you don’t have crushed ice that you can just add as a final step) and a half cup of apple juice. Blend everything together and add the kratom at the last moment, making sure to pulse and turn the mixture to ensure distribution. Voila! You have your tangy fruit and kratom smoothie.